NFT is one of the new mediums of art, and adopting NFT as a medium for your work is a choice of what to store on the blockchain and what to leave behind for the world 100 years from now. "Memory Disc" is the first work of media artist NIINOMI's "A SYSTEM" project, in which computer systems are used as art. Its motif is a CD as a storage medium, with information stored on a chain that can be used to attribute the work, such as color palette, size, and speed. This is NIINOMI's first NFT project as an individual, and it is also the attributes that will be used for future works presented at A SYSTEM. He is starting this project with the hope that it will become a recording medium that will serve as the core of works that will continue to be created for decades to come.
Attributes stored on chain
Since "A SYSTEM" is a project that considers computer systems as art, the CD medium immediately came to mind when the theme of recording data was chosen. It is a medium that can record not only music, but also a variety of other information, and its nostalgic 90's image was perfect for the motif of this project. This disc has various information such as color palette, size, and speed. Many of NIINOMI's works in A SYSTEM will be created based on this information. Newly deployed contracts will always refer to the Memory Disc contract. Of course, anyone else can connect to this contract and use the information. Dom Hofmann has taken advantage of this feature to launch a simple text-only project, Loot, which has given birth to more than 90 derivative projects. Memory Disc is a collection created solely for NIINOMI's personal projects, but several derivative works are sure to emerge.


Parameters will be generated on chain. The output visual will be determined by this parameters.
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